4GW Comes to Fort Hood by William Lind

A great article over on the Defense and the National Interest and Don Vandergriff’s web-site written by William Lind a man with and expertise on Conflict and Violence and who authored the Maneuver Warfare Handbook. The similarities of an attack like Fort Hood and others.compare with the types of small wars being fought abroad. Are they coming here to our shores? This is no longer the question…the emerging threats are here.

“Though American-born and a U.S. citizen (and army officer), Major Hasan appears to have transferred his primary loyalty away from the state to something else, Islam. For his new primary loyalty, he was willing to kill. That is what defines Fourth Generation war.”

Despite the different ideologies, I believe to bridge the gap of conflict and violence we must be more proactive in the pre-incident stages of these attacks where people around these potentially violent people act on the early warning signs they see. I agree with Bill Lind on all but one point and that is we should outlaw extremism, not religion. If we respond and act accordingly when we see signs and signals that all to often evolve into violent actions we will stop those individuals or organizations with violent intent be it a terrorist, criminal or a person who can’t handle life who decides to take it out violently on innocents, while keeping our freedoms intact.. 

Stay Oriented!