Achieving Greatness by Giving Control and Creating Leaders

This is ten minutes well spent on how to lead and handle adaptive challenges so often encountered in todays fast paced rapidly changing world. This video ACHEIVING GREATNESS BY GIVING CONTROL AND CREATING LEADERS is in my view fantastic and law enforcement leaders can learn much from it. After all we have been talking about decentralized control for over 3 decades. This video explains it perfectly. Very informative web-site as well

Stay Oriented!


How many of you absolutely abhor being told what to do?

For those of you who ever served under an overbearing ship captain, or boss, it might have been the reason you changed jobs, but the concept of leadership is certainly more complicated than taking and receiving orders. As retired U.S. Navy Captain David Marquet explains in the following video, it’s about creating an environment that empowers the members of an organization to think creatively and take psychological ownership of the mission at hand, whatever it may be.

It’s about “giving control and creating leaders, not taking control and attracting followers,” Marquet notes.

Captain Marquet was given the difficult task of taking command of the worst-ranked submarine in the U.S. Navy’s fleet and bringing the ship and crew back to excellence. He did far more than that by not only becoming the top-ranked submarine crew, but by becoming the highest rated submarine crew ever. It’s a classic story and one that has important take-aways for anyone in any organization.