Apple-Pie Jihad Homegrown terror takes root.

A great article by Judith Miller on the homegrown terror threat. So are your eyes wide open or wide shut? The terrorist threats is not only emerging it is indeed here.  This is not about paranoia its about opening our eyes and seeing the signs and signals. The signals that have been here for over 20 years. The 1993 World trade center attempt, 9-11, Fort Dix, Fort Hood, Sudbury Massachusetts, Lackawanna six and most recently five American born citizens arrested  in Pakistan. There are many more incidents not listed here. Why are many still in denial?

How do we fight this in a rational way? Focus on recognizing behavioral indicators the signs and signals that may lead to extremist activity. educating the citizen and protection professionals in what to look for and in how to handle and report what they see.

It not a time for panic nor name calling in this country. Nor is it a time to fight extremism with extremism but it is time to open up our eyes and deal with the threats here at home in a more proactive way before our streets have the appearance of what we normally see on television.

Stay Oriented!