Be You: Humility, Strength of Character and Swallowing Our Ego and Being Authentic Is Crucial To Sound Leadership

"To be authentic is to be at peace with your imperfections." ~Simon Sinek

Being an effective leader requires knowing your stuff. Being an effective leader requires being competent and confident in not only your abilities, but the abilities of those within your influence and how those abilities apply to policing a free society. Being an effective leader requires you have strength of character, integrity, social skills, critical decision making abilities, and creative or intuitive decision making abilities, so you can teach your officers to not always react, but learn to shape and reshape unfolding conditions in real time and uncertain conditions. As a leader you must be selfless and take care of your people. The physical skill sets required to handle the physical aspects of the job are also required to be a sound leader in policing. As a leader you must understand and be able to size up situations, frame and solve complex problems. Do we have a technical problem where checklists and school solutions, policy and procedure will work or do we have an adaptive challenge that requires thinking leaders, leading thinking cops? You must also be able to adapt to change conditions and develop rapid plans in contrast to your original plan or course of action as the situation changes as they all to often do, so must your course of action.

These are just a few of the countless traits and core competencies needed to be an effective leader but the but the key to doing this is for you as a leader to be authentic. To Be You! Being You requires you know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. Being You helps you acknowledge that ego is the enemy and that humility and understanding its not quite possible to be the best at everything or even good at everything. So, Being You allows to reach out, up and down, and across the chain to those who know more about or are simply better at a certain topic in policing, than you the leader are. Leaders know this and the good leaders use this to make their organization more effective.

In policing which is full of egos and hubris its important that you learn to BE YOU imperfections and all. It builds better relationships within the organization which leads to better relationship throughout the communities we serve. Being You makes us better teammates and makes us better cops who bring about better more effective and safe service to our communities.

Stay Oriented!