Benefits of Conditioning Our Decision Making...The Boyd Cycle

The Boyd Cycle reinforces individual and where cohesion exists, group or organizational  knowledge allowing us to take appropriate actions on the street.  Through observation-orientation-decision and action cycles we continually learn, unlearn and relearn on the fly allowing us to better understand the environment, and the climate of the situation.  This allows us to adapt and choose the right methods to respond with and the how and why behind the actions we take. The Boyd Cycle enhances the strategic and tactical mindset over the emotional reactive mindset. 

Benefits of conditioning and honing your Boyd Cycle BOYD CYCLE 2

  • Patrol and security procedures are more effective
  • Response to calls for service are thought out
  • Crime and violence prevention through initiative driven actions 
  • Emergency procedures
  • Evacuations
  • Investigations
  • Early warnings
  • Problem solving
    • Strategic planning
    • Operational planning
    • Tactical planning
  • Develops Superior Situational Awareness and hence rapid intuitive decision makers
  • Enhances real time threat assessment and hence early intervention
  • Minimizes Complacency
  • Creates and Nurtures adaptive frontline officers and Adaptive Leaders
  • Encourages and enhances teamwork enhancing tactical response and approach
  • Improves overall performance “EFFECTIVENESS” of police officers and safety & security professionals
  • Higher Standards ACCOUNTABILTY
  • Motivates and improves morale
  • Develops initiative driven and adaptive personnel

The Boyd Cycle also in the aftermath of an event allows us to learn from experience and improve our methods for future operations through the use of After Action Reviews. We must remember  that experience is a reliable guide when it is relevant to the contemporary and future operating environment and missions, and when its filtered, processed and stored in the brain using enduring principles and useful, reliable thought models. In other words EXPERIENCE means nothing unless we continually learn and adapt lessons learned. 

Stay Oriented!


The flyer below is information on the workshop LESC has developed on improving decision making . This workshop will develop individual frontline personnel’s ability to adapt, take initiative and make decisions under pressure, in the moment. Decision Makers are necessary for effectiveness and survival on the street, and handling the conventional and unconventional problems and evolving threats we face.The workshop is designed for both leadership and frontline personnel. The workshop is also designed to assist you in developing and continuing a scenario based training program in your organization.

I will come to your department or agency and present this workshop. For more information you can contact me at or 508-298-2023. 

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