Beyond Active Response: An Operational Concept for Police Counterterrorism Response

My Saturday morning Coffee and Conversations topics are usually my own thoughts on topics related to law enforcement and security. Operational art has been a big topic I have written about as its key to getting inside our adversaries decision making cycle, allowing us through interaction within the operational environment to develop insight and innovative tactics  to seize the initiative.

Today's article Beyond Active Response: An Operational Concept for Police Counterterrorism Response by John Sullivan and Adam Elkus is such an important article to law enforcement and security's efforts at preparation and readiness, I had to post it here.

“The concept of operational art involves both a conceptual and practical leap for the police service. It involves adapting the military concept of operational art to the civil environment. So what does operational thinking necessarily mean for police command? It means being able to conceptualize and direct the whole scope of the tactical engagements occurring within the operational space according to a central operational idea. This idea should seek to maximize the asymmetric advantage already possessed by the defenders into play.”

The concept of operational art is not new and has been utilized in the military throughout history. In order for law enforcement to be effective in dealing with both conventional and unconventional and evolving threats, its a concept we must begin to grasp, understand and utilize in full spectrum operations. In other words we must get much, much better at applying what we know in the context of what's unfolding on the street  This article explain it very nicely and is a must read.

I will say we have a long road to hoe in reshaping the law enforcement culture, but with work like this explaining the concept of operational art and full spectrum policing very clearly with lessons from the past and insights into the future. We can most definitely make headway. Job well done…very well done!

Stay Oriented!