Book: Homeland Siege: Tactics for Police and Military By John Poole, A Must Read for Protection Professionals

Homeland Siege

The key connection between police work and what the military needs to do in 4GW… is de-escalate. De-escalation is what police strive to do in almost all conflict situations. their main tool is talking.” ~William S. Lind, father of 4th Generation warfare theory.




John Poole has taken his knowledge and expertise in small unit tactics and has applied them here in his latest contribution to preparing peacekeepers, and protection professionals in his latest book Homeland Siege Tactics for Police and Military.

Poole has thoroughly researched and documented the history and current actions of criminal enterprises who present a clear danger to the homeland of the United States, and its not just al-Qaeda. He not only identifies the organizations, the problems they present and their methodologies but he offers modern solutions based on the changing face of conflict and lessons learned from history and the current trends in conflict and how they should be resolved with less loss of blood and treasure.

He compares policing and Counter Insurgency Operations and how they are linked to fourth generation warfare and the need for training in methods that scale back on escalation and attrition methods to those that de-escalate conflict and violence such as communication to win over people. This allows trust to build and information gathering to take place that leads to actionable intelligence that ultimately leads to action in routing out specific problem with less damage to innocents and communities when utilization of force is necessary.

As cops be sure to read the book and pay specific attention to Chapter 9 Civilian Saving Attack on a Building where he gives examples of actual events and rescues as models to think about as ways of setting up successful rescues. There is much more to it than just knocking down doors.

In short pick this book up and read it, learn from it. It will make you better prepared to meet the challenges that lay ahead at home and abroad. John understands tactics and the physical side of getting things done, in dangerous situation but even more importantly he understands the mental and moral dimension of conflict as well. All three dimensions he hits on in this outstanding book Homeland Siege.