Book Review: Rubicon: The Poetry of War


Self-awareness is an important attribute to possess especially for a combat Marine who deals with life and death. Stan Coerr it is clear from his book "Rubicon: The Poetry of War," is one of those Marines who looks at his profession through self-reflection and the eyes of compassion and understanding. An understanding of the passion and, plight of those who fight wars. He writes poetically about human problems, even grave problems such as war, the killing of adversaries and the trying to save lives of brothers in arms. The dealing with the aftermath and mental scars only warriors, those who love people but never shy away from combat, could ever know! Humor and sadness,brotherhood and friendship, tragedy and triumph, winning and losing, life and death he reflects on these paradoxes of war and more in this great little book full of emotion.

I am not a big poetry reader...but this book I could not put down.