Boyd & Beyond is on for 14 & 15 October at Quantico.

Boyd and Beyond


The Boyd and Beyond Conference is an outstanding opportunity to learn from a vast array of disciplines in how to make individuals and organizations more effective decision makers. I attended and participated in last years conference and learned  much in the two days, from both the speakers and the interactive discussions that took place. Military, homeland security, private sector businesses will all be there to discuss how Boyd’s ideas and theories have evolved and help them in making themselves and their organizations more effective. Law enforcement is represented at the conference as well with speaker such as Sid Heal, Vice President of the California Association of Tactical Officers and author of Sound Doctrine: A Tactical Primer. I will be speaking at the conference as well.

The cost is free for the two day conference and well worth your time. All you have to do is get yourself there and put yourself up for a couple of nights. It is a great conference with great speakers and attendees. You will most definitely learn much of value in keeping you safe and more effective on the street. For leaders you will get great insights on how to lead, train and prepare those you are responsible for. Patrolman, detectives and law enforcement leadership will all benefit from participating in the Boyd and Beyond conference.

A note from Stan Coerr:

These officers needed new ideas about war. They needed something they could hold in their hands and study far into the night, something they could debate and argue, something that had the power to galvanize short, they needed a military theory that would enable them to win wars.

There was no organized movement, no coalescing force. There were only small and widely scattered groups, most unaware of one another's existence.~Boyd by Robert Coram


I need names of all who plan to attend.

Below I have a rough outline of classes. Please look at it.

    1. If you would like to edit, add, or subtract classes or times, please write me. We have some room on the schedule as of now.
    2. If you are on this list, please send me the title of your brief.
    3. I have "volunteered" a spot for Lieutenant General Van Riper, Frans Osinga and Marcus Mainz to teach. Those gentlemen: if you cannot teach please let me know. Those spots are placeholders for you, only.
    4. Someone please post all this information on Facebook and LinkedIn. I have found probably thirty people from those two sources: help me get the word out.

All are invited, but please have people write me with their names just so I can keep track of who will be there.


I have attached directions to the building and room for the conference.

We are planning for the same room, the second floor conference room, for both days. We may be moved down to the other end of the building; if so, signs will point you the right way.
Patrick Sweeney has again volunteered to help with food and drink. This will be snack and coffee-type food only. We are again on our own in the evenings and for lunch.

Scott Shipman is bringing coffee, and Dean Lenane water.

Plan for social hour after each afternoon's end of event: Command Post in Quantico Town.
Also, Scott Shipman is working on even further and more elaborate social plans; stand by for that.

More-detailed information will follow in a few weeks.


Rough of classes from those who have told me they would like to speak is below.
If there is a star next to your name, I am unsure as to whether, or how long, you will speak.

Please write and let me know.

If you would like to speak and are not on here, please write and let me know.

NAME TIME (minutes)

  • Bruce Greene 30
  • Bill Detmer 75
  • Fred Leland 60
  • Sid Heal 60
  • Mark Williams 60
  • Vince Alcazar 60
  • Terry Barnhart 120
  • Dan Ward 45
  • Michael Moore 30
  • Jerry Hendrix 30
  • Chris Gunderson 30
  • Jim Hasik 30
  • Steve Nixon 30
  • Chip Pearson 30
  • Katya Drozdova 30
  • Bruce Gudmundsson 30
  • William Harkin 30
  • Alfred Saucedo 30
  • Dave Foster 30
  • LtGen Van Riper 60
  • Marcus Mainz 60
  • Frans Osinga 60

I look forward to another intellectually exhausting two days. Thanks to all of you for making this happen.


Stan Coerr