Capt Evan Bradley on Boyd, Adaptability and Understanding the Bigger Picture in Conflict

Adaptive Leaders has another outstanding conversation. This one is with, Capt Bradley from the Marine Corps Expeditionary Warfare School talks about Col John Boyd ideas, as they apply to rapid decision making and getting inside your adversaries OODA loop, creating friction and slowing down their decision making abilities. Giving you the initiative!

Conflict and violence is uncertain and chaotic and as we accord with adversaries we have to be able to see the situation for what it is and we cannot depend upon one model for thinking and doing. Hence we must understand the competitive nature of conflict and that observation, orientation, decision and action cycles are competitive and two-sided as well. Stressing the importance of not getting stuck on one way of thinking. This is why it is so important to understand adaptability, which allows us to make an effective change, to altered situations, all so prevalent in law enforcement.

It is important, as well, for leaders, to understand this bigger picture and how all the pieces fit into the current situation. Not yesterdays situation...BUT TODAY'S SITUATION! Then the leader must release the strings and allow decision making from the bottom up. From the front-line people who are dealing with the particular tactical problem as it unfolds in real time. This is what John Boyd's OODA Loop is all about. It sets the framework to explore and understand situations so sound decisions are made.

Stay Oriented!