Captain Lindsay Rodman On Boyd and Taking Ownership of What You Do!

Adaptive Leader and a discussion with, Captain Lindsay Rodman (USMC) about Boyd and how his ideas are used throughout the Marine Corps, from the front line to the Judge Advocate Division.

Captain Rodman discusses the importance of Boyd's ideas in making you more effective as you are inserted into unknown environments, where you do not possess a lot of information on the individual adversaries and hence an understanding of the climate of the situation. Adaptability matters, as you observe, orient, decide and act in an attempt to read the situation and position yourself in an advantageous way. She discusses the importance of having a sophisticated understanding of tactics, techniques and procedures as they are the foundation that adaptability comes from as circumstances ebb and flow throughout the situation.

Many think as i talk about policy and procedures that i am saying we do not need them. To the contrary, what I am saying is that we do not need to depend solely upon them and we do need to blend people and ideas with policy and procedure. This is why creating problem solvers verses check list followers is so important to understand. Our knowing the basic foundational principles and skills necessary must be enhanced by people exploring the situation as it unfolds and then adapting ideas, decisions and actions if we are to maneuver in a way that helps us gain the advantage and resolve crisis situations.

As cops, we must know our stuff and possess a vast knowledge of how people tick when in conflict so we can maneuver into a position of advantage and employ tactics while understanding the why behind the tactics we choose. Captain Rodman states; to do this, you must take ownership of what you do.

Stay Oriented!