Column at Police One: Mental toughness and the power to adapt

My latest Staying Oriented column “Mental toughness and the power to adapt” is up at Please take the time to check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments section.  I appreciate all your support in spreading the word on these important topics.

"Unhappy the general who comes on the field of battle with a system." — Napoleon Bonaparte

Often in law enforcement we have to adapt to a person or a situation. When doing so, we experience many thoughts and questions that create friction which slows down our decision making.

What tactics should I use? Should I talk or move in and take physical control? Will my moving in escalate the situation or should I continue to spend time talking, building rapport in an effort to deescalate? What will my fellow officers think about my choice? Will my choices put me in jeopardy or will they reduce jeopardy and enhance the outcome I seek?  What’s the adversary thinking? What is his motive and intent? Is my adversary armed or unarmed? Will the adversary cooperate or fight? I have been trained to do this but I think I should do THAT, but will THAT be a violation of training protocols or policy and procedure? Hell, should I use my insight and innovate or follow my training and procedures?

These are but a few of the questions we may find ourselves seeking the answers too as we accord with our adversary and attempt to orient to the situation. Continue reading here