Command and Control During a Disaster: Podcast

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This week Emergency Management Weekly (EM Weekly) Podcast are talking to Donald Vandergriff the author or Command and Control about how to use control tactics in emergency management. We delve into the concepts of commanders intent, supporting the mission, and allowing the troops to do what you asked them to do.

Adopting Mission Command

Donald E. Vandergriff is the expert on Mission Command, Maneuver Warfare and Leader Development using the latest in Learning Methodologies. He is a noted speaker, award winning author, and teacher being named ROTC teacher of the year. He is also the author or editor of six other books and over 100 articles. He is also a retired Marine and Army officer having served 24 years in uniform, and another 12 years as a contractor, both overseas and in the US.

This is an outstanding episode on Mission Command as it applies to emergency and crisis response. So its fitting with policing and first responders. Mission Command is about building mutual trust throughout your organization. Don Vandergriff is the best I know in the business of developing people and organizational cultures. The podcast episode is well worth your time.

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