Create Your Fantasy Island Organizational Culture by Tracey Richardson

If you were an executive and had the opportunity to land on Fantasy Island, what would your fantasy be? Would it be to instantly create an environment of empowered problem solvers working towards a common goal fueled by good leadership? Would Tattoo and Mr. Roark be there encouraging leadership to spend the majority of their time at the gemba? Would you know the secret to a Lean culture? How would it all play out?

I often bring this up in my workshops and coaching sessions to remind executives to think deeply about this concept of "infrastructure," as in the infrastructure behind the culture we want to articulate and create so badly. Think of it as looking at a computer screen and being able to make sense of what you see there. To see the screen there must be "systems" running in the background, functioning properly. Culture is no different.

So what is the infrastructure behind the culture in a truly lean organization? To summarize, it should have several key components:

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