Developing Mutual Trust in Your Organization...Building a Thriving Culture Workshop June 23rd 2009

A culture of innovation is typified by an environment within which every single person in the organization is invested in the organization’s success and feels a responsibility to implement new and better ways to achieve organizational objectives. People are encouraged to try alternative paths, test ideas to the point of failure, and learn from the experience. Experimentation and prudent risk taking are admired and encouraged. Experimentation is not a destination to be reached, but an unending process of trial, feedback, learning, renewal and experimentation again. The organization as a whole is agile, ready to learn, continually changing and improving. It is fast, flexible and never prepared to say: “We have not finished getting better.” Innovative organizations depend less on forecasting, planning and control and more on scanning, agility and feedback. Innovative organizations embrace uncertainty, recognizing that an uncertain future potentially holds as many opportunities as it does threats.. Brig. Gen. David Fastabend and Robert Simpson in the article Adapt or Die”

This program focuses on teaching those in the Law Enforcement and Security fields that lead others, how to inspire an atmosphere of cohesion and mutual trust in your organization. The proper method techniques and strategies of effective leadership must be woven into your fabric before anyone will follow and take initiative. Developing the leadership skills that builds trust and a thriving culture is critical to getting results.

Course covers the following:

  • Understand the need to adapt your organization to a constantly changing environment
    • Through observations
    • Good leadership strategy
      • Management
      • Employees
      • Those you serve
  • What creates distrust in an organization?
    • How to avoid it?
  • What is Mutual Trust?
  • What is Cohesion?
  • Causes of “Friction”
  • Warning Signs of “Low Morale”
  • Fundamentals of a High Morale Environment
  • The Boyd Cycle role in your organization
    • Mutual Trust vs. Distrust
  • Create & Nurture a Thriving organizational culture
  • How to develop Trust, Cohesion & Team Spirit
  • How to Celebrate Achievements

The workshop will take place at American Firearms School in North Attleboro, MA on Tuesday, June 23rd 2009. Class starts at 9AM. Full day class

The workshop will be presented by Fred Leland current Lieutenant with the Walpole Police Department, and Director and Principal Trainer of Law Enforcement and Security Consulting, Inc

  • Cost: $120.00 per person. Send four from your agency get an additional seat for FREE
  • To register contact or call 508-298-2023

See: Developing Mutual Trust in Your Organization…Building a Thriving Culture Flyer Bellow

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