Do You Know How to Get Fullfillment?

“To do more for the world than the world does for you – that is success.” - Henry Ford

I had to share this outstanding video that was created by Electrik Company, with police. It has a powerful message I think we are missing in too many police departments across this country. We need to get that feeling of fulfillment back into our ranks as it honestly affects all that we do.

There are statistics that tell us that over 90% of people go home from their place of work at the end of the day feeling unfulfilled by what they just spent 8+ hours doing all day. Police work is often said to be unfulfilling, but I disagree. 90 percent of what we cops do is very positive, rewarding and fulfilling. If we would only focus on these positive aspects of the job it would put the ugly 10 percent in perspective.

Simon Sinek, author of "Start With Why", inspired Electrik Company to create this awesome video which include Simon commentating on how true fulfillment is found in simply wanting to help somebody else expecting NOTHING in return.

Feeling unfulfilled can lead to lack of character, courage and integrity within the workplace. This can lead to the inability to trust one another and work together.

Simon Sinek asks Do you know how we get fulfillment?

You can be happy because you did things at work, you can be proud because you did things at work, and you can be excited because you had a big success at work, but you know how you feel fulfilled at work? When you do something for someone else. It’s the only way we get that feeling.

I hope this gives new meaning to how you approach your job.

Stay Oriented!