Embedding Our Values: Never a Better Time Than Now

I came across, an article on LinkedIn written by TONY RILEY


The article caught my attention with a picture of a coffee mug with a great quote “Your values are your invisible strength’ which struck me as this is exactly why identifying organizational values and living and breathing them are so important to individual and organizational effectiveness.  Values do this by connecting people to one another and to the organization.

“We started 2021 still in growth mode, and kicked it off by outlining our vision, mission and company values with the goal of inspiring and motivating our staff and connecting them more deeply to each other and to The Mx Group. Because as a leadership team, we feel strongly that our values should serve to guide behaviors internally and with the world at large.”

As he talks about his people and organization, I get the sense he understands the importance of taking care of his people and that when he looks out for their welfare, they in turn will look out for his and hence the organization.

Leaders in policing could learn much from this way of thinking as they look to improve policing. All too often “the mission” is what drives a police organization and the tangible numbers that show the mission is indeed being met. Yes, the mission is important but how we get there is even more crucial. I am not talking about processes here. I am talking about people and how they feel as they work to complete the mission. Authority and positional power can have you completing your mission in a centralized and autocratic way but are your people giving their all? Or are they just going through the motions and giving you what you ask for and only what you ask for? Setting values together as an organization can take you beyond just getting it done, to a place where everyone works together while taking joy in completing the mission, helping the organization continue to learn so that the vision we have for a police organization is seen and strived for by all while at the same time building positive relationship throughout the organization and the communities we serve.

Mutual trust comes from sharing mission, vision and values and those values lived and breathed (embedded) help an organization to thrive even in uncertain climates. Why? Because embedded values influence how we behave and are not just words posted on a webpage or a wall in the squad room. Embedded values individually and organizationally everyone communicates better. Shares information more freely. Gives and receives feedback internally and throughout our communities with transparency and character. Look at the full article and get a sense what a good leader and organization will do to positively influence its people through mission, vision and values. Its work. But its work that is of great value.

Stay Oriented!