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Read the article and watch the video Active Shootings 2.1 explaining the problems and recommended solutions to active shootings.

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  • Fantastic presentation of an extremely important issue. I applaud your efforts in getting this message to the law enforcement community. Every department in the country should view this. ~John Demand

  • Excellent video! Provoking question, especially after lessons learned from Columbine and VA Tech. I am not sure about ABB, Inc.this year. Did first responders initiate tactical entry? I watched SWAT enter the building after the clock ran out, and that is when the information started to flow from the media.From my perspective this certainly builds the case for public schools to have Security Resource Officers (SRO.) We lost ours do to a lack of federal funding two years ago. I am pushing this to some of our recently appointed school board members. Would you share any views you might have on SRO's or alternative solutions to the time issue of "eight minutes?"Thank you for this video. You come off as a knowledgeable guy that has felt some pain with the "missing link" and is out to put a dent into it. ~Doug Stewart

  • I viewed the training films and would like to commend your efforts here. Much has changed since I left active duty 25 years ago. The message here is clear that responding Officers need on-going training and diligence in dealing with this threat. More importantly, senior Law Enforcement administrators have to carry through on the training. Lives will be saved. Stay Safe Brother ~V/R Markjg

  • Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for putting up that video link. I was so impressed with it that I posted it in another group I belong to (Crisis, Emergency, and Disaster Recovery Professionals) with a strong recommendation to watch it. I'm also sending it to a few other people I know.I'm a volunteer firefighter/EMT so watching the video gave me a much better understanding of tactical approaches and what police look for in these situations. ~Dan Sweet

  • Mr. Leland, Thank you very much for sharing this vital and timely information. Your professional and tactical insights are spot on and it's my hope that your and Mr. Beary's message is not only heard but heeded. I'll do my part to further your message along by pushing it out to others.To your topic, I've often pondered the real world capabilities of my local police department to effectively respond to such a scenario. As professional as they are, they lack a full time tactical team and none of the individual LEOs strike me as having a "Full Spectrum" skill set.
    This concerns me as the high school in my town has the characteristics and size of a college campus. Should a shooter incident occur there, my local PD would very likely defer to State Police to make a multiple team tactical entry and in the process incur a delay a la Columbine.You've inspired me to drill deeper into this!
    Semper Fidelis,

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