Exploring Criminal Justice Careers Check Out the Community for Accredited Online Schools

Linked In has a new career help resource where professionals in their given fields can offer assistance to  those young people about to embark on their career choices. I have received several emails and calls over the last few months for those looking to break into policing careers.

Hello Mr. Leland, I am contacting you to ask for your help and guidance on how I should go about starting my career in law enforcement. This is a career field I’ve wanted to pursue for as long as I can remember and I would be grateful if you could help and possibly point me in the right direction.

Coincidentally this week I actually got an email from Kate Mitchell (kate@cfaos.org), Communications, for the Community for Accredited Online Schools asking if we would post some information on their online schools and share with those interested in pursuing  a career in policing.

Criminal justice refers to the system by which a society maintains social order, controls crime and keeps citizens safe. The field of criminal justice provides career paths for corrections officers, homeland security advisers and financial crime investigators, just to name a few. This guide goes deeper into employment opportunities by outlining education and job requirements and providing an overview of salary and job growth projections.

So if your Exploring a Criminal Justice Career and are looking to Find Your Niche in Forensics, Corrections, Law Enforcement & Homeland Security, check out this online resource. It looks to have a lot of information that should be helpful to folks looking to break into policing.

Be sure to check out these resources they have to offer as well.

  • Scholarships, grants and loans can help criminal justice students earn their degrees in a time of steadily rising college costs. This guide shows prospective criminal justice students what’s available to them and provides tips on how to receive financial aid and scholarships.
  • Best Criminal Justice Programs -The criminal justice field includes three main sectors: law enforcement, corrections and security. The following guidebook helps aspiring criminal justice majors move their college and career forward.
  • Career Path to Environmental Law -Environmental law professionals need to complete several levels of education and certifications before being able to practice law. Explore what an educational path to Environmental Law looks like, as well as what jobs in the field may be a good fit.
  • Criminal Justice Guide for Veterans Trying to Get in the Field-Many veterans see public service careers as a way to keep serving their country after getting out of the military. One field frequently chosen by veterans is criminal justice. This guide describes degree options and career paths within criminal justice and outlines resources for veterans to pay for school, find jobs and transition to the civilian workforce.

I have no affiliation with this school but after receiving the email from Kate and surfing their site I thought it had a lot of useful information for new comers to the profession and decided I would post. Thanks to Kate for reaching out and asking us to do so.

Stay Oriented!