Finished Gung Ho! The Corps Most Progressive Tradition

I finished reading H. John Poole's latest book, Gung Ho! The Corps Most Progressive
and it is done in the tradition of all of his books, fully researched, well written and packed full of useful information that we in Law Enforcement can utilize in improving our own methods of leading and getting things done in a way that builds not only organizational trust but community trust as well.

The Marine Corps has long been the organization that demonstrates how to get things done. Their methods in developing this long standing tradition is steeped in the motto "Gung Ho!" which translated means "working together. John Poole has put a terrific book together that has researched the proud tradition and history thoroughly and has linked it to today's climate, that requires much more bottoms up leadership and individual front-line decision making. Recently their have been countless books written on the topics of developing mutual trust, cohesion and working together, many of which tout the material as something new. Poole demonstrates that it is nothing new and shows this through the example set by the Marine Raiders of WWII. There is much to learn from his new book, Gung Ho! The Corps Most Progressive Tradition for those in my profession, law enforcement on decentralized control, command and influence, building trust and semi-autonomous individuals working together, as one to solve today's complex problems. I highly recommend this book.

I have written two other posts on this book and more reviews on Poole's other books and will be releasing more posts inspired by this great book in the future:

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