A Great Cause For Cops to Support: The Fallen Project A Documentary In Their Words. Through Their Eyes.

Fallen Project


In the United States, firearm related line-of-duty officer killings have risen a staggering 40% in the past two years, with overall officer deaths up over 50%. Not only are more officers being murdered, more and more are being targeted, ambushed, and slain in numbers. There are many personal stories going untold beneath these percentages, and these fallen heroes deserve a voice, as do their families, loved ones and partners who are struggling to pick up the pieces these tragedies have left behind.

Cities and counties all across the country are experiencing unprecedented budget shortfalls, resulting in mass public safety layoffs and operational cuts. As a result, those left with jobs are being asked to do much more with much less.

Over the next year, a production crew completely comprised of public safety professionals will be traveling to numerous police agencies across the country, large and small, urban and rural, candidly interviewing command staff, line officers, city officials and the public in areas that have lost officers and/or experienced crippling cuts in patrol staffing. Along the way, we will share their intimate accounts of heroism and loss, and explore the complexities and challenges of funding public safety in today's economy. Through their eyes we will tell this story. Their story. Our story. And, hopefully, answer some questions along the way.

Not only will this film serve as a snapshot of history in an unprecedentedly challenging time for our country, and for law enforcement, but its raw honesty and intimately candid perspective will serve as a tribute to all those who have sacrificed everything so that we may enjoy the safety and freedoms we take for granted.

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