Great Recap of Boyd and Beyond 2011 By Scott Shipman

Marine Corps University

Scott Shipman has provided a great recap of the learning that took place at the 2 day Boyd in Beyond Conference. I agree with Scotts views of the learning that took place.

It was great for me to see the law enforcement representation at this years conference. As Scott mentions Sid Heal of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Office who came with Tim Anderson of LAPD. I spent two days talking and sharing information with them. Damien O’Connell’s represented law enforcement with an outstanding demonstration of the Strategic Game of interaction and isolation and the importance of one mans knowledge being translated to the street with a positive outcome.

My mission is to get more cops there next year. The information shared and the learning that takes place at this conference is bar none. You will gather information that will make you more effective; as an individual law enforcement officer, law enforcement leader or law enforcement organization.  

Sid Heal and Tim Anderson both stated to me that; they had never participated in such an conference  where folks were so willing to discuss openly, critique candidly and adapt their ideas as they experienced at Boyd and Beyond. They are both already looking forward to coming back next year.

You can find the details of Scotts thoughts at Mark Safranski’s website. Mark who has written a book “The Boyd Roundtable” was present at the conference as well and I look forward to his thoughts on his two-days there.

Stay Oriented!