Guest Post: Continued Learning: Obtaining Your Criminal Justice Degree Online

This post is something for those interested in becoming a police officer or those already in law enforcement looking to continue their education. Part of my efforts at this web-site and blog is to provide information i think is relevent to improving the law enforcement profession and those individuals who choose to serve in it. Education and training is the catalyst to that. These efforts are made possible even more today through online programs. I am still a big proponent of autodidact or self learning through professional reading and training programs that take into consideration the cross-fertilization of ideas from multiple disciplines combined with formal learning that degree programs provide. With the time pressures of todays world and many people working full-time who wish to get or continue their education, my hope is this piece from the folks at Degree Jungle, helps. Stay Oriented! Fred

Criminal Justice 101

So, eventually, you would like to become a law enforcement agent, yet you are unclear on exactly what an online criminal justice degree is all about?

Well, a criminal justice education is not necessarily about snagging the lawbreakers; it actually taps into a wide array of specialties that educates college students on the whole enchilada, ranging from studying legislation to learning the principles behind crime. Going after criminal justice degree grants you the possibility of entering certain fields after graduation like adult and juvenile corrections, policing, or federal law enforcement.

These courses teach the approaches in which our authorities defend citizens from criminal activity through keeping the peace, preventing crime, and imprisoning individuals who commit criminal offenses.

Law Enforcement Careers

A web-based, criminal justice education will ready you for virtually any entry-level position in law enforcement. On the other hand, it may well be what you only wish to accelerate to a higher position in your current occupation.

Policing and corrections are among the most popular law enforcement jobs that men and women with criminal justice educations pursue; yet several college students do choose to enter other fields after graduation; eventually becoming inspectors, homeland security officials or federal agents.

Most police officers, detectives, probation officers, criminologists and forensic lab technicians earned criminal justice degrees before getting hired.

Exactly, what is an online criminal justice university?

Online criminal justice colleges and universities are scholastic organizations that offer individuals distinct tools and coursework that focus on the criminal justice profession; these institutions tailor the degree for professionals, allowing them to study and meet their work and household obligations at the same time.

All criminal justice associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees employ a course syllabus that concentrates, in-depth on pragmatic approaches in dealing with lawlessness and injustice. Along with regular law enforcement training, online students will also learn psychology, sociology, humanities, information technology, and communication.

Criminal justice colleges teach individuals the following skill-sets:

How to function in law enforcement environments.
 Methods on working effectively in public agencies.
 Accountability and ethics for the criminal justice professional.
 Multiculturalism awareness in law enforcement.

The above coursework-study is obligatory and is definitely needed before seeking a job in the public sector. Hiring recruiters in law enforcement will certainly look at candidates who studied criminal justice in higher-education institutions, first, before considering other applicants.

How you can secure a criminal justice diploma online?

The initial step in acquiring a web-based criminal justice education is to decide, first, on exactly what kind of diploma you want. Individuals have the choice of obtaining two-year, associate diplomas or certificates; four-year, bachelor degrees; or a master’s in criminal justice. No matter which road people select, each degree or diploma may be successfully acquired over the Internet.

Future learners can examine each diploma further by checking out Degree Jungle, which maintains a database of accredited online institutions that offer these diplomas.

May I succeed with just an associate degree?

Well, that depends! An online bachelor degree can certainly deliver several more options, whereas an associate criminal justice diploma will most-likely limit the occupation pool to professions like paralegal or police dispatcher.

Whenever deciding on a diploma, make certain that the learning institution is recognized by the state you plan to work in. Accreditation utterly implies that the school is monitored by the governing state, and the criminal justice course satisfies all scholastic standards mandated by the department of education. Most online universities will meet all these education requirements.

Just what is the gradation criterion to earn an online diploma?

Online attendance in interactive lectures and fulfillment of the college’s curricula and final exams are needed to acquire a criminal justice diploma over the internet. The moment you have met the conditions for earning the degree, some higher learning institutions may ask you to prove that you understood the material by requiring you to participate in a semester of practical training before graduation.

Jared Letman lives in San Francisco, CA. A writer with over 10 years experience in the education field, he specializes in topics of science, mathematics and design. Jared is a frequent contributor to education resource site DegreeJungle, and spends his free time with his lovely wife Holly and their two wonderful children.