How Great Leaders Inspire Action

In this video from Simon Sinek's Ted Talk in 2009 has a simple but powerful message WHY? Why do we do what we do? What do you believe in? When you put that uniform on each day what is your WHY? In police work this question WHY is i think, the bedrock of whether or not you are policing with the right motivations. Is the reason WHY, to prove your abilities and message your ego or is the WHY you became a police officer to serve others? Is your WHY centered job security and benefits or do you truly believe in helping others and serve them selflessly?
For some reason it is easy to forget that there cannot be leaders without followers...or whatever term describes those who are inspired and moved by the character and behavior of others. Leaders that inspire others do so with what they believe in. As Xenophon explained;

"Strong commanders are those who can impress upon their troops that they must follow even through fire or danger of any kind...people follow because they recognize his qualities; it would be reasonable to say that a man like this goes to war with strength in his hand, since so many hands are prepared to obey his minds directions; and great indeed is the man who can use his mind rather than his physical might for great achievements."

Inspiring others to action cannot be simply boiled down to a process of aligning resources to accomplish certain tasks. It is much more than simple formulas, step by step policies and procedures, checklists or secret leadership maxims, diagrams and flow charts or 12 point strategic plans. These simplifications miss that special spirit of what we call leadership. This spirit is Simon Sinek message is in this great Ted Talk. I highly recommend you take 18 minutes of your time and watch this video. It will help you understand why you choose to do what you do and generate more interest, insight and imagination into how you do what you do, while creating and nurturing your ability to inspire initiative in ourselves and in others so we make a difference on the street.

Be sure to pick up both of Simon's books Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last. I highly recommend both of them for cops.

Stay Oriented!