I Am An Optimist. It Does Not Seem Too Much Use Being Anything Else!

Found a very good piece at the website Switch and Shift "The Case for Workplace Optimism" which discusses what optimism in the workplace is and then gives you some ideas on how to evolve your culture to one more opportunistic.

"I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else." ~Winston Churchill


You certainly don’t need to be reminded of the trouble our organizations are in these days. Let’s instead shift our focus to what managers can do to counter the dark cloud hanging around too many workplaces.

It’s time managers take matters into their own hands and bring optimism to the work environment influencing their teams’ performance. But what is workplace optimism? Is it happiness? Is it viewing the world through the proverbial rose-tinted glasses? I suppose for some it could be. However, that is not what I’m advocating.

Workplace optimism is a dimension of the company or team’s culture. For this post, we’ll focus on workplace optimism at the team level. Using Dov Seidman’s “Five How’s of Culture” framework, workplace optimism is a cultural dimension of “How we relate” to one another and our work.

What Is Workplace Optimism

Workplace optimism facilitates stronger relationships within the context of an encouraging work environment that is viewed positively by employees and management. A dominant belief is that hard work leads to greater possibilities for the employee, the team and even the organization, and its customers. Employees believe they are a contribution and that their work matters.

In short, workplace optimism addresses the absence of hope and possibility in our workplaces today.

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