It’s How You Say What You Saw by Patrick Van Horne

Here is an article that was recently written by Patrick Van Horne and published in the Illinois Tactical Officer’s Association (ITOA) quarterly journal.

“The benefits of Tactical Awareness don’t end with the recognition of someone who warrants additional attention. Tactical behavioral analysis provides a vocabulary for police officers to articulate what led them to make decisions.”

We have had this discussion on the importance of being able to articulate what it is you observe, orient, decide and act to on the street often at my place of work. Our failure to be able to do so creates friction in our decision making and creates stumbling blocks or hurdles to get over in court. How many motions have you lost when you knew you did the right thing but struggled to explain it in an understandable way. Patrick Van Horne does an outstanding job explaining behavioral analysis and how too articulate it.

"Learning to read behavior and mastering the process isn’t necessarily who are constantly evolving, adapting their techniques, and finding cover and concealment in public opinion shaped through social media, we have to learn to thrive within the constraints presented to us."

Take a look at “It’s How You Say What You Saw.” and be sure to pick up the manual on the topic Left of Bang written by Patrick Van Horne and Jason Riley.

Stay Oriented!