ITOA News: Articles By John Farnam, Patrick Van Horne, Jeff Chudwin, Don Vandergriff, Yours Truly and More

This edition of the ITOA News has some very important articles.

  • Henk Iverson: has a great piece on John S. Farnam titled Master Trainer
  • John Farnam himself has a piece titled The Alamo!
  • Eric Perkins—Director ITOA: Field Training Exercise (FTX)—Illinois State Police District 5 Headquarters—Night Shoot
  • Fred Leland: OODA Loop’s, Street Cop’s and the Strategic Game of Interaction
  • Patrick Van Horne: What Keeps You Up At Night and What Are You Doing About It?
  • Don Vandergriff: Making Decisions. What is the Problem? Part 1
  • Jonathan Smith: The Three Buckets of Control
  • Vicki Farnam: The Challenge of Firearms Training for Female Officers: For the Instructor and for the Officer
  • Jeff Chudwin: Emergency Power

Stay Oriented!