"The most efficient way to get the behavior you're looking for is to find positive deviants and...


…give them a platform, a microphone and public praise.

The tribe is hyper-aware of what's being celebrated, and when you celebrate those that are moving in the right direction, you create a powerful push in that direction. It's tempting to spend your time extinguishing bad behaviors, but in fact, spreading the word about the superstars is far more likely to change the culture of your market.”


Seth Godin offers some great advice with the above quote; The words speak quite clearly so I have little to say :) except that; I wish more of those in our profession practiced through action what these words mean, to better develop a Police Department’s organizational culture. We must recognize that it be a learning organization that is dedicated to innovation. This is typified by an environment within which every single person in the organization is invested in the organization’s success and feels a responsibility to implement new and better ways to achieve organizational objectives based on our mission and intent.

To do this we must practice what we preach! Reward the DOERS and most everything else will be pulled in the positive direction of unity and which equals strength!!!

Stay Oriented!