Active shooter' tactic saves lives at Northern Virginia Community College

A positive police article on the active shooter response at the Northern Virginia Community College that ended with no injuries. A 20 year old male shot at professor and missed.

After a shooter started firing in a building at Northern Virginia Community College's Woodbridge campus last week, police rushed in to try to stop the violence.

That, in and of itself, doesn't seem like news. Seems like what they're supposed to do.

Thing is, though, years ago, the response would have been somewhat different.

Officers used to initially respond to a situation like this by containing the scene and waiting for reinforcements and specially trained forces, such as the SWAT team.

But after Columbine and similar school shootings, Prince William County Police Chief Charlie T. Deane changed his department's tactic in such scenarios.

Campus police along with Prince Williams police arrived quickly entered and resolved the situation using active shooter tactics. Police formed a team quickly, immediately entered and located the shooter and were able to take the shooter into custody.

There is always risk involved in responses we protection professionals make and a lot of negative publicity when people get killed. For some reason I had not heard of this shooting and outstanding resolution till today.  A good story where training and preparation paid off in lives saved.

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