LYNCH & KENNEY: react to clips of LtGen Van Riper’s “On Discipline” interview on All Marine Radio

And this podcast interview from All Marine Radio is a fantastic discussion on LTGen Paul Van Ripers interview linked here. Both these interviews are a must listen to for police leaders who struggle with setting standards for the sake of standards versus standards for a purpose. It makes sense when you listen to both these interviews On Discipline. Policing can learn much from these podcasts.

Is Discipline The Lost Art of leadership?

In law enforcement we often wonder why the effectiveness of our organizations is less than we desire. We ponder all kinds of reasons, such as; budgets, time, the legal and liability effects. We label people as malcontents, nonconformists, or poor performers, or perhaps poor policies and procedures, rules and regulations and poor or inconsistent training. Failure to hold people accountable and a lack of discipline are also discussed at length. These discussions about people and how they perform are important and most often focus on the coercive method of discipline and accountability dealt out in a progressive way to weed out the problem people with letters of reprimand, suspensions that can ultimately lead to job termination. Is this really what discipline is all about, punishment, coercion and use of force in an effort to gain compliance? In this piece I want to focus on the critical question; is there something more to the word discipline and its positive influence on people and their effectiveness, when discipline is used persuasively to develop those you lead?

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