The Most Dangerous Weapon in Law Enforcement by Brian Willis

There is a growing perception of distrust between law enforcement officers and the communities in which they work. Part of this distrust stems directly from the dangerous words police executives use when communicating with their communities. In extreme instances, these words can even incite mass disturbances and rioting. Can simply choosing better words be the solution to building relationships between law enforcement officers and those within their communities or will it require an entirely new system of development?

Brian Willis is a 25 year law enforcement veteran and a consultant with The Virtus Group, a leadership development firm committed to enhancing the law enforcement profession through growing a culture of courage. Brian is a thought leader, training innovation specialist, and a catalyst for change in the law enforcement profession. Brian’s company Winning Mind Training is committed to leading the fight against mediocrity in the law enforcement field and helping law enforcement officers, trainers, and leaders create a legacy of excellence.