New Edition of Boyd’s Discourse on Winning and Losing by Grant Hammond


Grant Hammond, a long-time associate of Boyd’s and the author of The Mind of War, John Boyd and American Security (Smithsonian Press, 2001), has published a new edition of Boyd’s Discourse on Winning and Losing. You can download it from Air University via a link on the Articles page on Chet Richards, Site Slightly East of New .

Grant has included a new Introduction, along with an Afterword, index and an Appendix. You can access further information on some of the concepts via QR codes sprinkled throughout the text.

This is a major effort and makes a significant contribution to understanding John’s work.  I strongly encourage all readers to download it.

"Having written the first book on John Boyd that focused more on his ideas than his personal story, I have been asked by colleagues at Air University Press to edit and introduce the publication of John Boyd’s famous briefing entitled “A Discourse on Winning and Losing.” I am happy to do so. This is an important event and will make Boyd’s original presentation of his ideas available to a wider audience. Moreover, it will allow readers to have their own interaction directly with Boyd’s thought rather than through an interlocutor. For those who know of Boyd and/or his ideas, you may want to skip this introduction and go directly to the briefings. This would not be as good as a conversation with Boyd, but it is as close as we can have." ~Grant Hammond 

Stay Oriented!