The Path of Don Vandergriff: A Discussion On Leadership, Learning organizations and Adaptability

Don Vandergriff

Don Vandergriff is an author of several books on leadership and development, especially as it relates to military strategy or law enforcement. Don and I wrote The Adaptive Leadership Handbook: Innovative Ways to Teach and Develop Your People, which was published January 2014 with policing and security EFFECTIVENESS the focus of applying these ideas. Don has very innovative and effective ideas to help organizations evolve and grow. He is a selfless leader who has the strength of character to talk the truth about how to get this done. He served in the Marines and the Army, and still consults for organizations in both the public and private sectors. He is also a great friend and mentor to me.

This week he talks with Break It Down about where our military organizational structure came from and where it's headed, and why we need it to evolve like everything else. We police can learn much from this hour long podcast as well. Take a listen. And click on the link below to check out his book, The Path to Victory: America's Army and the Revolution in Human Affairs.

Be sure to check out Breaking It down with Jon Leon Guerrero and Pete Turner who are making a spoken record of stories from life. They capture interesting people doing interesting things and post to their podcast site for you to enjoy. The show is a mosaic of life's characters. Each tile is unique and entertaining. The fellas have met CEOs, Music Icons, best selling authors, warriors, filmmakers...on and on. Send them your ideas for guests...we'll go after them.


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