Patterns of Conflict Pt 1

The importance of John Boyd's "Patterns of Conflict" cannot be overstated. It changed the military, the business world, and even sports forever. Policing is now using Boyd's ideas to improve their decision making and to develop fair and impartial policing methods that include procedural justice. Police are now considering how their strategy, operations and tactics effect Boyd's moral, mental and physical levels of conflict.

Col Boyd was the most influential military thinker the United States ever produced. He delivered this brief hundreds of times in the 1970's and 1980's to lawmakers, military officials, legislative staffers, and anyone else willing to devote the time to listen. A video recording of him delivering the complete brief has recently been converted into digital form to make it more accessible to modern audiences. This version combines the raw video with an updated version of Col Boyd's briefing slides to provide the viewer an opportunity to experience this amazing piece of work.

Thanks to Dan Grazier for putting Boyd's presentation of Patterns of Conflict together in a format that lays out the slides and the lecture as Boyd himself delivered it.

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