Police One, column 'Staying Oriented' article #1: 'Red Teaming' the cop killer

Editor’s (Doug Wiley) Note: We’re pleased to introduce Fred Leland as the newest member in our roster of writers. I “met” Fred via the professional networking website LinkedIn, and just moments into our initial phone contact knew we had an opportunity to collaborate in the shared mission of helping police officers be safer and more successful on the street.

“Getting “inside the mind” of those who wish to do police officers harm can be an extraordinary tool to help cops win the fight when a cop killer crosses our path.”Chess

Let’s pretend for the next few moments that I am a cop killer. What is your preconceived perception of what I (the person who wants to assault or kill you) look like? Is it a person with raggedy closes, long hair, and a ratty looking beard who comes from the poor side of town? Or is it a Charley Manson lookalike you have in mind? Do you perceive the one who will assault or kill you if given the opportunity by only my size and physical characteristics? Have you ever given any thought to the cop-killer’s mindset — that which makes me tick? Have you thought about why on most occasions I will avoid you, the cop? But if cornered or about to be taken off the street and put into jail, I will do everything in my power to remain free. That “everything” includes assaulting or killing you if necessary. Click here for the rest of the article

‘Hey, say you are looking at a chess board. Is there anything you can’t see? No. But are you guaranteed to win? Not at all, because you can’t see what the other guy is thinking.’ ~LT GEN Paul Van Riper, USMC (RET)