Project Sapient Podcast E13: Leader or Boss?

I was honored to be on the show as we talked frankly and candidly about Ayman's article on Havok Journal: Are you a leader or a boss? This is a topic "Leadership in policing" near and dear to me so, talking the strengths and weaknesses of leadership and how to bridge the gap between dysfunctional verses functional leaders and their organization so the police frontline is more effective and safe. There are four steps of performance enhancement: recognize the presence of dysfunction, diagnose dysfunction, prescribe actions to repair the dysfunction and anticipate obstacle and develop counters. High performance, functional police organizations win. Dysfunctional leaders and organizations with poor performance almost always lose. If the cause of organizational dysfunction is blindness, this episode is an effort to open some eyes and minds to the benefits of effective leadership.

There are many seminars, speakers and classes concerning leadership, how to lead and how to supervise. There are a ton of books out there regarding these very topics. People pay hundreds of dollars to listen to someone tell them how to lead. We are not supervisors at work, but we will provide a lens into why we differentiate between bosses and leaders. Is there a difference between the leader and a boss?

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