"Wild animals are taken by scouting, by nets, by lying in wait, by stalking...


…by circling around, and by other such stratagems rather than by sheer force. In waging war, one should do likewise, whether the enemy, be many or few. To try simply to overpower the enemy in the open, hand to hand and face to face, is a "very risky" enterprise that can result in serious harm even if the enemy is defeated. It is ridiculous to try to gain a victory which is so costly and brings only empty glory. Thus, a wise commander will not engage the enemy in a pitched battle unless a truly exceptional opportunity presents itself. He will avoid emulating those who are admired for their brilliant success [but] carry out operations recklessly. He will watch for the right opportunities and pretexts and strike at the enemy before they can get themselves ready." ~Maurikios, The Strategikon

The Book I highly recommend

Maurice's Strategikon