Restoring the Wounded Spirit

Sheriff Ray Nash from Police Dynamics does some great work on character based leadership. His candid and frank approach in delivering his message is the attribiute I admire most. His messages are clear and spot on! In this posted video Sheriff ray talks about restoring the wounded spirit and the power of forgiveness and moving forward verses grudge holding and living in the past. this is a problem I have seen way to much of in our law enforcement profession, both internally and externally. Internally it manifests, with cops holding grudges against other cops for wrongs, perceived wrongs and often times for simple mis-understandings blown out of proportion, never intended to be wrongs. Externally this wounded spirit shows itself in the us versus them mentalities that develop towards the public and the people we serve. This has a negative effect on organizational performance and effectiveness and it hurts us greatly in the moral dimension with distrusting police being the common mantra of the public. its those little BIG things like forgiveness that make the difference in restoring the wounded spirit.

Sheriff Ray says FORGIVENESS is about, "Clearing the record of wrongs and refusing to hold a grudge." How powerful would doing that be in developing trust and forming a cohesive and united organization. We are all human and all react in ways we wished we had not. We seem at times to find it very easy to focus in on the negative which nurtures this wounded spirit mentality. I think its time we dig down deep with strength of character and do whats difficult and bury the hachet in a way that repairs the wounded and pessimistic spirit and instead build upon the attitude of never give up and a spirit of optimisum.

The Wounded Spirit is the one who always gets his feelings hurt…and over some of the silliest things! In our first video in the Dynamic of Restoration series, we learned that a person out from under authority has learned to deflect the truth by assigning blame to others. So it is easy for them to develop a Wounded Spirit that can only be cured by developing the character quality of Forgiveness.~Sheriff Ray Nash

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