Second Episode in This Podcast Series with Complete Emergency Managment: Leadership in Public Safety

In the first episode with Complete EM George and I discussed Active Shooters and After Action Reviews. In this second of two episodes Leadership in Public Safety George Whitney and I talk about the differences between management and leadership; mistakes and gross negligence; success and failure during response. We talk about the role of leaders and how written policies and procedures shouldn't be used as a substitute for good judgement or as simply a shield against risk because in both cases, they seldom work. Leadership is not an event driven thing. it is a day to day thing. its about preparing and reading your people and then trusting them to handle crisis situations.

On the other hand, Auftragstaktik does not mean a free for all, or as one U.S. Colonel referred to it as a allowing your subordinates to go as they please. As is too often occurs is fear by those who fail to study in detail that what is involved with Auftragstaktik is high levels of self-discipline and professionalism. It does not give subordinates a free ticket to do as they please once the commander says “go!” It is a professional understanding of what the commander wants at least two and sometimes more levels higher. In return, the commander is frank about the ability of each subordinate, and when they do so, can accordingly assign the proper mission or task for the subordinate to successfully carry it out without telling them how to do it. ~Don Vandergriff Major, United States Army (Ret)

George and I hope you enjoy this series of podcasts and look forward to your thoughts and critical questions.

Stay Oriented!