Strategic Rifleman: Key to More Moral Warfare by H. John Poole

Strategic Rifleman

How often have we cops complained about needing to check in on everything we do? Which policy do we follow? Which procedure, should we put into action? How should we handle this call? We intuitively know the answers and how to implement but all too often still utter the words; “I don’t know ask the boss” and as we wait for the answer the problem escalates. This book; Strategic Warfare: Key to More Moral Warfare gets into the how too of developing organizations that takes advantage of every possible opportunity. Every asset! Including the lowest man on the totem pole, you know the people who assume most of the risk and have most of the tactical knowledge and hence are more than capable of making a decision with strategic consequences. John Poole’s focus is the military rifleman. I however, see its use for the street cops who face tough challenges here at home, as they struggle to win on the street and keep the public trust they so rightly deserve.

I have read every book John Poole has written and have learned much from each of them. Not only have I read them, I have, reread and digest them because the information contained in them is just that good. It will educate you and when you implement the ideas in you organization through leadership and training you will develop much more effective individuals who know the meaning behind the words “working together” to reach the outcomes sought behind the organizations mission and intent.

The Strategic Rifleman is another addition you must have in your library. Being able to make sound tactical decisions at the front-line requires you have a truly decentralized command structure. You must also prepare your people to a high level of professionalism. A level of professionalism that, understands conflict and violence not only the physical dimension but in the mental and moral dimensions as well. We struggle with this in the military and in policing where I have spent the last 28 years serving my community and developing police officers who strive to do what’s right in making the tough decisions they must make.

The "reasonableness" of a particular use of force must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene, and its calculus must embody an allowance for the fact that police officers are often forced to make split-second decisions about the amount of force necessary in a particular situation." ~United States Supreme Court, Graham verses Connor

If we are to be judged on the standard of reasonableness we damn well better be able to observe, orient, decide and act in real time up close and personal to a decision where the outcome rests entirely on the effectiveness of an officers own individual weapons (cognitive and physical) and the courage and skills necessary to take action.

…Better squads require more skilled members. Such members can often make a strategic difference on their own--like spotting the entrance to a hidden cache. They also require less force after surprising defenders. That's why they're the "key to more moral warfare." This book uses 173 illustrations to show how to become/produce a "strategic" rifleman.

The Strategic Rifleman is a book I highly recommend if you are looking to create and nurture personal tactical decision makers that affect strategic outcomes, in the moral dimension as well as the mental and physical. The Strategic Rifleman will help you establish that most sought after quality, individual initiative.

Stay oriented!