Thinking Leaders, Leading Thinking People is the Adaptive Leaders Focus

I am often asked the question: what is adaptive leadership? My response is if you want your organization (police department), community and society to thrive in the rapidly changing world, adaptive leadership is for you. Adaptive leadership is really about an education and training strategy that takes a holistic approach to the planning, preparation, execution, and assessment that goes beyond task proficiency and incorporates a focus on developing critical attributes in police officers and leaders by emphasizing the “why” behind actions and the consequences of decisions within a wider context. Adaptive leadership is about outward thinking and outcomes not inward thinking and policy or checklist driven reactions.

It’s also a strategy meant to challenge us to research, continually learn and seek to understand the problems officers and our community face day to day. The education and training strategy is about the “how-to” of living and breathing your Police Departments shared mission, vision and values, defined by all members of the police department.

"Adaptive leadership is about possibility, not daydreaming, wishful thinking possibility, but rather a roll-up-your-sleeves, optimistic, realistic courage-generating kind of possibility. Leadership for change demands inspiration and perspiration. We present tools and tactics to lead and stay alive, to inspire others, and to mobilize people to tackle tough problems while reaching high." ~The Practice of Adaptive Leadership

Rote learning is no longer sufficient to produce the kind of problem-solving policing, needs for today’s complicated challenges, police face. We need to develop thinking leaders willing to lead thinking people, because sound judgement is far more effective than good rules.

Stay Oriented!