Today's Training and Education (Development) Revolution: The Future is Now! by Donald E. Vandergriff

The challenge the army faces today is not one of over-thinking situations; rather, it is the failure to think clearly in situations that require sound judgment at junior levels, and leadership’s hesitation to believe that juniors can or will think clearly. soldiers and junior leaders who are trained or conditioned to “look” at the situation—i.e., to assess, exercise judgment and make decisions—are more decisive, deliberate and correct in their actions. this is particularly important in the complex environment of full-spectrum operations. the most important capability needed for the army future force may well be thinking soldiers and junior leaders who seek after the “why” of a situation, task or directive, to understand and make better use of the purpose behind it. and the future is now.

Don Vandergriff has done it again with this great piece on training and leading into the future. Getting it right today is crucial  to meeting the evolving threats tomorrow with a full-spectrum response.  Read the whole thing here. ~Fred