Utilizing The Case Method: Some articles by Bruce Gudmundsson to Help Shed Some Light on How Too

The following articles about the use of the case method in professional military education were published in 2018 by Bruce Gudmundsson. The ideas can be adapted and used in policing as well. if you are looking to learn how to facilitate learning and teaching cops how to think instead of telling them what to think, these articles will shed some light on how to do just that.

"The Education of the Enlightened Soldier" describes how tutorials at the Wilhelmstein military academy taught Gerhard Scharnhorst how to "think slowly" and how the decision games he played as a young cavalry officer taught him how to "think quickly."
"A Fourth Way in Professional Military Education" propose that staff colleges, war colleges, and similar institutions build programs of instruction out of decision-forcing cases.
"Decision-Forcing Cases for Logistics" describes the use of decision-forcing cases in the education of military logisticians.
"How to Make a Decision-Forcing Case:  The Military Memoir Method" explains the way that autobiographies can be used to create decision-forcing cases.
"Preparing for Free-Play Field Exercises:  The Case for Decision-Forcing Cases" argues that historical immersion problems are an excellent means of setting the stage for two-sided, unscripted maneuvers.

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