Wellness for Warriors - Two amazing human beings who have been through so much, and go above and Beyond

Ayman and Pete were honored to have 2 of the most amazing human beings as guests on the show:
Jeanna Marie and Meghan from Wellness for Warriors.

These ladies have been through so much and yet are going above and beyond every day - giving back and helping thousands of our bothers and sisters across the country!
Wellness for Warriors is open to all active and retired first responders, active military and veterans, and their families.

Want to know about or need: Yoga, stress management, peer support, meditation fitness, nutrition, mindfulness; Confidentially? Then Click here for their support contact page.
AND WE ARE SO THANKFUL that we made this connection.

The show got a little rowdy at times. Pete had to be put in "time out", Meghan yelled at Ayman.... Jeanna Marie threatened to hang up.....but they got through it.
No tactical teddy bears were harmed during the recording.

Thanks to our thousands of listeners worldwide and
our awesome supporters below!
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