When One of us is Murdered: The Darkness A Project Sapient Podcast

Powerfull episode: We've all been there. A brother or sister in blue is murdered. The funeral is painful. The silence is deafening. Our brother /sister was taken from us. Taken from their family. For some, the world stops - it almost SKIPS A BEAT. Like a flutter in the heart. A bad one.

This episode Ayman and Pete go deep into the issue and discuss everything.
They reiterate that that other side of murder (suicide) is just as dark. So don't hesitate, reach out, talk - the guys are always here for everyone.

We would rather talk to you for an hour at 3am and really LISTEN to you - than talk about you at your funeral. If you had a bad day, if you want to bit@h and moan, or talk about a brother or sister you lost - we are here.