William McNulty-Team Rubicon: Boyd, Applied to Disaster Response

My friends from Adaptive Leader in this video talk with, William McNulty co-founder of Team Rubicon talks about the organization, why leadership matters and adaptability at the 2012 Boyd & Beyond Conference - Quantico Marine Corps Base.

Bill says leadership matters because; "it motivates people to do something when they might not otherwise do it themselves." He stresses the importance of good leaders possessing the ability to put together teams that "work together" in the field in a adaptable way. Team Rubicon's specialty is adapting the skills of military veterans to disaster response and they understand the complicated and unpredictable nature of how unconventional crisis unfolds. "You never know what's around the next corner." So you have to continually ask yourself, what do you do?

For more information on Team Rubicon and the great work they are doing please visit Team Rubicon USA.

Stay Oriented!