A Milestone in Boydian Theory at the Tactical Level

5 star review: Outstanding Book-Handbook for Leaders

Wow! What a ride! This book moves the needle way passed training manual/handbook. Repeat cycles of … problem … solution and, the real value, how to train to the solution … plus, the most important part, it pounds away at how to think through the problem; on your feet and under pressure. A must read for police officers at all levels of responsibility and the same holds for military leadership; generals to privates. I especially enjoyed the discussion on the explicit vs implicit information roles in decision making. This book hits the perfect balance of applicability between both law enforcement and military training. I also believe this book is a milestone in Boydian Theory because it brings the OODA Loop (Observe, Orientate, Decide, and Action) to the individual, “eyeball-to-eyeball”, street level crisis problem solving process.

Put this one on the top of your reading list. Bob Weimann LtCol USMC Ret.