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Negative Attitudes

COVER AND CONCEALMENT! Understanding and Utilizing These Tactical Basics!

The year was 1863; December 13th, the setting is Fredericksburg, Virginia. The bloodiest ground in North America is where one of the most valuable lessons on cover and concealment was learned. There, the union, preparing to cross the Rappahannock River. This was a planned attack on the city where 75,000 confederate soldiers sat on a line of hills to the left in particular, an area known as Marye’s Heights.

Science of Strategy licensing!

Law Enforcement and Security Consulting Inc have become licensed by Gary Gagliardi and the Science of Strategy Institute and can now teach the philosophy of the Art of War to our clients. Gary Gagliardi is recognized as America's leading expert on the strategic principles of Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

Take the Initiative Observe-Orient-Decide and ACT!

Learn the Strategy and Tactics Essential to Avoiding, Defusing and Resolving Conflict.

Interpersonal Communications and Officer Survival

Interpersonal Communications and Officer Survival:

How Understanding The Boyd Cycle and Non-Verbal Communication
Can Save a Law Enforcement Officer’s Life!


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