The Learning Insurgency: It’s an Evolution, not a Revolution By Donald E. Vandergriff

If the USMC wants to improve the decision-making, adaptability and other core warfighting skills, then we must change the way Marines learn from the current approach (which is internal process-focused, primarily based on the “Competency theory”) to a new approach (which is externally, effect/outcome-focused) more aligned with the outcomes we are seeking (see Figure 1 below). This figure was created by the recent students from the Tactics Instruction Section at USMC Officer Candidate School or OCS.

Use of Force Policy: Dispelling the Myths by Lexipol

Lexipol has put together a great resource to help departments craft a use of force policy that helps officers wade through the confusion that swirls around use of force policies. The white paper talks about the 3 mindsets to avoid when crafting your policy.

How to Make a Small Unit Decision Forcing Cases by Bruce Gudmundsson

This article provides a step-by-step guide to the creation of a decision-forcing case about a dilemma faced by a small unit leader at some time in the past century or so.

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