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Great Post on Don Vandergriff's Blog: Obstacle to Adaptability

"Over time nations or large organizations like an Army, take one of two evolutionary routes: continue to adapt with changing environmental conditions in order to sustain its core beliefs, or become complacent resting on one’s laurels."

This is how Don Vandergriff starts his latest post. He goes on to discuss the importance of trust and truth in getting individuals and organizations to move forward. He talks of cheer leading in the context of cheering a worthy cause based on organization goals, objectives and overall mission.

The importance of Knowing Your Stuff!

I had a great learning lesson over the last week that motivated me to write this post. The lesson focused around a business decision and the perception of business that I possess, that is based on mostly self learning, through trial and error. Lessons also stem from reading and conversations with those in business with much more formal knowledge and experience than I.

Sharpening Orientation and Decision Making

Continued learning, training, applying concepts learned and practiced in real world situations, then critiquing results to learn more; are keys to sharpening ones orientation and hence decision making. As the last post stated; "orientation is an on-going process". Not just in preparing but re-preparing (Adapting) based off the results of our actions,  our strategy and tactics used to achieve results.

Orientation: On Going Process, not a Picture.

From the Adaptive Leadership Symposium there were several key terms I picked up from the instructors. One that rung my thought process came from Chet Richards powerful presentation. He said; "Orientation is an on-going process, not a picture." I immediately thought "complacency" I have preached the word complacency over and over again while training law enforcement and security professionals.

Don Vandergriff's new Blog and thoughts on Adaptive Leadership

Don Vandergriff has a new blog you can access at if you want to learn about Adaptive Leadership and how to prepare your organization. His goal is to show organizations how to build and nuture adaptability, deal with leader development and personnel management and build and sustain a learning organization.  I just attended the recent Adaptive Leadership Symposium which was outstanding (see post for comments)

Donald E.

Adaptive Leadership Symposium Greenville Tech, Greenville South Carolina

Tennis balls being passed around, how do we get it done quickly and efficiently? Deserted Island your stranded and can bring five items. What will those items be? This is how the Adaptive Leadership Symposium begand its lessons. Don Vandergriff using these simple games developed trust and cooperation betweeen approximately 40 individuals from various professions. You could see the intial uncomfortableness change to that of determination as communications opened and individuals began to take intiative to complete the assigned task.

Chet Richards talked about Col.

Advice for females traveling solo

When politeness takes a back seat to instinct……

by Maria Gonzalez and Fred Leland

Negative Attitudes Destroy Them with True Leadership...and Mutual Trust

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Negative Attitudes

COVER AND CONCEALMENT! Understanding and Utilizing These Tactical Basics!

The year was 1863; December 13th, the setting is Fredericksburg, Virginia. The bloodiest ground in North America is where one of the most valuable lessons on cover and concealment was learned. There, the union, preparing to cross the Rappahannock River. This was a planned attack on the city where 75,000 confederate soldiers sat on a line of hills to the left in particular, an area known as Marye’s Heights.

Science of Strategy licensing!

Law Enforcement and Security Consulting Inc have become licensed by Gary Gagliardi and the Science of Strategy Institute and can now teach the philosophy of the Art of War to our clients. Gary Gagliardi is recognized as America's leading expert on the strategic principles of Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

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